Q: I'm having trouble installing my device myself

A: You can ask professional woodworker to install our device, or you can use our professional service at cost

Q: How to give someone access to my Newport One?

A: There are several options, you can give them ekeys (works with Newport app, can be permanent or temporary), or you can provide passcode for them (input on the pinpad, can be permanent or temporary)

Q: I'm rescinding my Newport One to someone else

A: You have to delete your key, this will reset the Newport One so that it can be paired with the new owner

Q: My phone is not working/out of battery/lost, how can i open my Newport One?

A: You can use your master passcode, use other phone and login to Newport app with your credential, or you can use your physical key

Q: Is there easier way to open my Newport One?

A: You can enable Smart Unlock option in your Newport app, this way you can just press our logo when you (and your phone) comes near the door.

Q: I need some privacy, no one even those with ekeys should open my Newport One

A: Press the snooze button on the bottom of indoor unit, this will prevent the Newport One to be opened from outside unit

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