Full Detailed Report on

Rental Performance



Automated Check in

& Check out

Online Booking

Newport Dashboard provides control, visibility and ease of use for Landlords to host and manage day to day operational of their rentals.

Daily Front Desk


• Manage more than 1 property in different location through one single dashboard


• Manage room assignments & new reservations


• Process check-ins and check-outs


• View expected, current and future booking (demand & availability)


• Manage booking and reservations from OTA

Channel Manager

Connect to multiple Online Travel Agents (OTA) :

• Traveloka

• Airbnb


• Expedia

• Pegipegi


• and many more..

Calendar & Price


• Create different price strategy on daily basis


• Change and update rates


• Sync with your booking system to mark guests as in-house, confirmed, pending and more


• Extend guest’s stay


• Block rooms and days


& Maintenance

• Create work orders for housekeeping & maintenance


• Update and get notification when room has been cleaned

Real Time Reporting

• Daily data on room occupancies


• Monthly data on occupancies and earnings


• Export guest data to run marketing campaign to increase bookings


• Customise and run reports for finance, operations and management with ease.


• Track and manage other revenue streams such as; property restaurants, laundry, events and more.  

Custom Dashboard

Newport System allows features customization; we will cater to different owner’s needs to better suit their property.

End to End Property

Management System

Newport System provides everything you need from lock to property management all integrated into one access. With our system you can manage your property better, save time and cost more importantly. 

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